(1) What is an international freight forwarder
Xunhanfei is a national first-class freight forwarder approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China. The first-class freight forwarder can provide import and export transportation services from all domestic factories and ports to all over the world.
01. More professional. We have a professional logistics team. Trailer, customs declaration, shipment and destination delivery can help you easily complete, so that you can have more energy to invest in business.
02. More economical, speedway has a lot of preferential agreements with major shipping companies and trailer teams, which can win you a better price.
03. More speedfast has a long-term relationship with major shipping companies, fleets and ports. It can help you to transport goods to your destination more quickly.
(2) Main business
To operate the sea and air transportation of import and export goods from Guangzhou / Shenzhen to all over the world and the international cargo transportation business related to sea and air transportation (customs declaration, trailer, etc.), we can meet the overall needs of customers
To provide a full range of logistics services, whether prepaid (CIF terms) or to pay (FOB terms) bulk, full container air, sea, sea air, land air, and land transport services, warehousing and distribution.
(3) Business network
At present, Guangzhou xunheifei international freight forwarding agent OOCL, Hanjin, EVA and many other shipping companies, many routes, air freight agent Ke, CA, SQ and other airlines, including Ke and Ca in the United States, Europe is the package board service.
Sea and air superiority routes: European route, Southeast Asia route, Middle East India Pakistan route, Japan route, South America route, American route.

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