01. We have a number of exhibits that need to be sent to the exhibition site abroad. After comparison, considering the requirements of shipping schedule and voyage, we finally chose Mercer LCL door-to-door service. Our customer service staff are very professional. They also help me to classify the goods. The final customs clearance and delivery are very smooth. The beauty design service is reliable! Exhibition company Miss Liu
02. At the beginning of doing export business, I didn't understand some rules and requirements of international transportation, so I had to consult and confirm them repeatedly. The online business personnel of Xunfei were very professional and patiently explained to me, which was very helpful to me and made my first business very smooth. Cross border E-commerce -- Ms. Xia
03. We have a lot of orders. We need to find a freight forwarder with superior price and guaranteed service. After comparison and investigation, we chose beauty design. After a period of cooperation, I feel that the price of Xunfei is transparent, and the shipping space is guaranteed in the peak season, which is trustworthy. Mr. Chen, a foreign trade company

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